Mary Immaculate Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the highest consultative, planning and implementing body of the parish. It is a representative body under the direction and guidance of the Parish Priest, or his representative, which is set up for research, planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of major activities within the Parish. The final decision on resolution of issues always remains with the Parish Priest.





Fr. Oliver Aro, MSP

Parish Priest

Ryan Hutton

PPC - Chairperson

Beverley Rutledge

PPC -Vice Chairperson

Barry Morkel

PPC -Secretary

Ministry Coordinators

Gerald Oblea

Temporary Worship / Liturgy Coordinator

Position Vacant

Projects / Fundraising Coordinator

Clare Lyons

Worship / Liturgy Representative

Paul Macaraeg

Music Ministry Coordinator

Position Vacant

Education / Formation Coordinator

Position Vacant

Education / Formation Representative

Rosalie Barraquio

Vocations / Mission / Evangelisation Coordinator

Joy Galindez and

Neil Macabenta

Youth and Young Adults Coordinator

Kristina Millare

Vocations / Mission / Evangelisation


Alyssa Gratil and

Dana Silang

Youth and Young Adults Representatives

Cora Malong

Family Services Coordinator

Ex-Officio Members of Council

Lesley Studans

Principal - St.Joseph Primary School.

Representing Schools of the Parish

Aylyn Yu

Parish Secretary


Gerald "Ged" Oblea

Parish Secretary


Sacramental Coordinator

Youth Advisor