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Welcome to Mary Immaculate Church Quakers Hill ~ Schofields.

As a gathering of the People of God in Mary Immaculate Parish, one in Christ, proclaiming the Gospel, the teachings of the Church and promoting Mary and the saints as models of discipleship, our parish community will manifest itself as:


• an open, transparent and accountable Church, which respects due process, rejects every form of discrimination, listens to its people, promotes co-responsibility in every facet of its mission and ministry, and is compassionate to its core;


• an inclusive parish, developing and implementing pastoral strategies to welcome and support all, particularly the marginalised.

Our History

Established 1973

Parishioner Gary Payne recently detailed the varied and interesting history of this parish in his History of Quakers Hill-Schofields Parish 1919 – 1993. The first recorded mention of Quakers Hill was in June 1789 when Captain Watkin Tench stood on ‘The Quakers Hill’ and ‘from there has a clear view of Prospect Hill’.


It was from the parish of Blacktown-Prospect that the Parish Priest, Rev. John Moriarty, came at the request of Catholic families to celebrate the first Mass in June 1919.


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Our Vision & Mission

Our new Vision Statement is:

To create a vibrant, loving Catholic community that inspires and empowers members to make a positive impact in our world.

Our new Mission Statement is:

To provide an inclusive, engaging environment for members to deepen their faith, use their talents to serve others, and make a positive impact in our world.

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