Dear Parent/s & Guardian/s,


Welcome to our First Eucharist program for 2019.

Apologies for the delay in granting access to this registration system.

We have embarked on using a new portal of our website for registering children into our programs, and unfortunately, we have had technical difficulties with this role out, which has caused the delay.

Before registering your child into our program, we would like you to be aware of a number of things.

1. Our parish First Eucharist program is for students in year 4 and above, who have been prepared for the sacrament of reconciliation.


2. Each candidate must attend our sacrament enrolment Mass and all preparation sessions including the practice session, to be eligible to receive their First Eucharist.


3. A donation of $50.00 is humbly requested from each child participating in our program. This donation covers the cost of the materials and associated expense to run our program. Those families currently part of plan giving program will receive a $20.00 discount.


If a donation is not possible due to your families circumstances, that is ok. We invite you contact our sacramental coordinator to advise.

Your donation can be made by the following ways:

Paypal (2.5% Surcharge) – Completed at registration.


Bpoint: (Payment through website 2.5% Surcharge)

Please following payment link:

Select Biller Code: 1379379 - Sacramental Program - Then enter donation amount - $51.25 or $31.25 (if planned giver)

Eftpos (2.5% Surcharge) – payment to be made after Enrolment Mass.

Cash – payment to be made after the Enrolment Mass.


After completing registration form and selecting Submit and Donate button.

If you are note making a donation with Paypal please select:

“Seller Will Send Payment Instructions”

Then select continue.

If you are a current planned giver please use the discount code – PLANGIVER this will reduce the amount to $30.00 plus surcharge.

First Eucharist 2019 Program Dates

Registration Details

31st March -  Sunday Online Registration opens
28th April  - Sunday  Online Registration closes


Enrolment Mass

11th / 12th May - Saturday or Sunday Enrolment Mass (Sat 5.30pm or Sun 9am ONLY)

Preparation  Classes (At Mary Immaculate Primary School.)

Saturdays - 4.00pm followed by Mass at 5.30pm.

Sundays - 9.00am Mass followed by Class at 10.00am.

25th / 26th May - Saturday or Sunday - First Class
1st / 2nd June - Saturday or Sunday - Second Class

8th / 9th June - Saturday or Sunday -  No Class due to Public Holiday Weekend
15th / 16th June - Saturday or Sunday-  Third Class and Practice

Sacrament Masses:

22nd / 23rd June - Saturday or Sunday First Eucharist (Sat 5.30pm, Sun 9am and 2pm ONLY)

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact:

Ged – 0477 151 279 or