Dear Parent/s & Guardian/s,

Welcome to our First Eucharist program for 2021.

The Eucharist is at the heart of “Christian initiation”, together with Baptism and Confirmation, and it constitutes the source of the Church’s life itself. From this Sacrament of love, in fact, flows every authentic journey of faith, of communion and of witness.

What we see when we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, the Mass, already gives us an intuition of what we are about to live. At the centre of the space intended for the celebration there is an altar, which is a table covered with a tablecloth, and this makes us think of a banquet. On the table there is a cross to indicate that on this altar what is offered is the sacrifice of Christ: he is the spiritual food that we receive there, under the species of bread and wine. Beside the table is the ambo, the place from which the Word of God is proclaimed: and this indicates that there we gather to listen to the Lord who speaks through Sacred Scripture, and therefore the food that we receive is also his Word.
Word and Bread in the Mass become one, as at the Last Supper, when all the words of Jesus, all the signs that he had performed, were condensed into the gesture of breaking the bread and offering the chalice, in anticipation of the sacrifice of the cross, and in these words: “Take, eat; this is my body… Take, drink of it; for this is my blood”.

Jesus’ gesture at the Last Supper is the ultimate thanksgiving to the Father for his love, for his mercy. “Thanksgiving” in Greek is expressed as “eucharist”. And that is why the Sacrament is called the Eucharist: it is the supreme thanksgiving to the Father, who so loved us that he gave us his Son out of love. This is why the term Eucharist includes the whole of that act, which is the act of God and man together, the act of Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.

We hope that through this program, your family will work together to prepare your child to receive your First Holy Communion in a way that will give your child a life long love for Jesus and the Church. We look forward to working with your child as they prepare to receive Jesus for the first time.

Before registering your child into our program, we would like you to be aware of a number of things.

1. Our parish First Eucharist program is for students in year 4 and above, who have already received the sacrament of First Reconciliation.

2. Each candidate must attend all preparation sessions at the church and submit the required materials provided by the sacramental team, to be eligible to receive their First Eucharist.


If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact: Sr Valerie – mobile: 0414 638 884 (no calls after 8pm please)

or email

We suggest that if you have any questions or concerns please contact Sr Valerie before completing the registration form to avoid any uncertainty or disappointment.